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Well, it was not too straightforward, but I did it. The goal was to run "the blog", which would be very minimalistic and simple, neither will require me to think much. As I keep my notes in plain text, basically in Dropbox (which gives me quite a good feel of my notes been everywhere), I thought it'd be a good idea to do the same with the blog. None of the existing solutions, like Blogger, or Tumblr, or even recently acquired by Twitter Posterous - they are simple and nice, but I do not feel them "minimalistic". They used to be (or may be tried to pretend to be), but definitely not anymore.

So I tried something else. Decision was simple - GitHub Pages. You can have it free. It uses Jekyll behind the scene to actually generate all the static content. You create everything as simple as you want. And here we go - the source of my blog is right here - I keep it open, and will do my best to keep it as minimalistic as possible, so don't hesitate to take a look and steal pieces of it. And design is kept dumb and simple by intention. I like it.

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