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Actually, a little bit more than that. I've decided to give it a quick try and see how fast is it to kick out some simple app which will talk to Mongo, insert, find some records. And that's it. As a platform I chose Node.js, Express, Mongoose and on the other side I had Play Framework 2.0, Spring and Morphia. And then I tried to httperf it a little bit. I don't think that there was any point in testing that stuff, I guess it was just a mental excercise to create few similar apps from scratch and run them free. From this standpoint I succeeded and result is available as testildo project on my GitHub. I also did go ahead and run httperf on EC2s, using MongoLab as a testing database. It was interesting to try few different approaches on Play Framework 2.0 with Akka -- asynchronous, plain straightforward and using actors. And I didn't use Scala, but plain Java. That made some of the Actors code look very weird, but it did work fine for my needs. Probably I took few obvious shortcuts here and there, but generally it was pretty an interesting attempt to dig into this stuff. I managed to get some graphs from it, but frankly, they barely make any difference -- I ran eveything on small EC2 instances, and kept only single instance of Node.js (and it is single threaded, so it's not fair already). Java showed up as expected cruel and pretty hungry for CPU and RAM, but it's nothing new. It did perform decently, so I can't say I was much surprised with that.

Anyhow, I think I am just going to keep this testildo project public for now, as it can be a good starting reference/point to boot your own app in any of the above mentioned stacks. Needless to say, I kinda tried to make Java's part prettier, and Node.js is bare-bones ;-)

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