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I just finished reading Becoming a Great Leader: Lessons from Silicon Valley book by Gustavo Rabin, and now I feel the urge to share my thoughts. Originally, I had a lot of expectations from it -- and why not??? -- interesting and intriguing title, published basically only one month ago, author seems to be pretty knowledgable Ph.D. from Silicon Valley.. Heck, yeah, one should be expecting a lot!
Unfortunately, my expectations did not work out. While I certainly enjoyed the book, and found quite few interesting moments there (and I hope using them I can improve myself!), still, it's not what I expected. For some reason most of the use cases in the book deal with big-ass Silicon Valley's companies, which nowadays, are the minority. Among all those startups, young and mid-aged, the giants described in the book are not exactly what Silicon Vallye *is*. Therefore, it's pretty narrow-visioned, and the challenges mentioned in the book are not what the regular NorCal's company would experience. Sad, but true.

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