Boilerplate, template, skeleton or whatever-you-call-it base for your simple MySQL or Mongo-powered Node.JS project.

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What the heck is that?

No, it's not an another framework. Chill. All this code is basically the template which I use to jump-start with new project. It has simplistic Model and DAO (MySQL and Mongo - which are interchangable, with Redis as an optional Cache), and all the usual set of Node.JS modules I like to use (I gathered them from across many forums, as the most stable and reliable). So, it saves me a ton of time. I clone it, and go from there. You can get simple CRUD right away, just change the model (yeah, it's very "opionionated"). And if you feel like you need something more sophisticated just change the code!

Any cool stuff there?

Cluster, Express, EJS, MySQL, Mongo, Redis, Configs, Logs... All the necessities. And it has the instructions how to be easily deployed to Heroku (I actually keep it there during development Eventually, planning to add more third-party hosting providers (i.e., Nodejitsu and others), so you can deploy it wherever you like in the matter of seconds.

Who is the author?

Me, duh! Here is my GitHub account @alexeypro, and Twitter is My web site lives here and mini-blog is right there